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Listed:  Educator Resources and Important Programs

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Wash Your Hands posters

An important message is relayed representing over over 25 Indigenous languages in an artistic and professional 16x20 poster series. The posters encourage everyone to wash their hands in order to combat virus and bacterial outbreaks. Perfect for public places. Free downloadable resource.

Thje Sew & Sew Skills Lab program equips remote community schools with sewing labs, including quality sewing machines and supplies, so they can teach a valuable life skill through traditional projects in the school setting.

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Sew & Sew Skills Lab

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PennyDrops is a student-run nonprofit organization that aims to equip youth with the knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions. Through its various programs, PennyDrops has taught over 10,000 students across Canada since 2015.

Oranage Shirt Day.png

Orange Shirt Day

Every September 30th we honour Residential School survivors. The Orange Shirt Society (Society) is a non-profit organization with its home in Williams Lake, BC where Orange Shirt Day began in 2013.

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