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The Art for Aid Project
New office in Carleton Place!
50 Bennett Street, Unit 3, Carleton Place, ON K7C 4J9

Contact me to book a drop off time.



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DROP OFF in Carleton Place: See Events Calendar for drop-off schedule & address

*If you are donating gently used art supplies, please ensure they are in good working order. Also take note of what we are not accepting at this time. 
List below.

Art for Aid is now accepting art item donations only.
Note: most of the schools we ship to are Kindergarten to Grade 8

  • canvases (under 16x20")

  • good paint brushes of all types 

  • wood burning kits 

  • colouring books for children (not the more complex adult colouring books)

  • pencil crayons

  • markers

  • gel pens

  • stickers

  • kids craft items

  • play dough or modelling clay

  • drawing tools

  • erasers

  • glue sticks

  • craft glue guns and glue sticks

  • white wood glue

  • scissors

  • single hole punches

  • pencil sharpeners

  • finger paint and finger paint paper

  • beading materials

  • beading tools

  • beads of all types

  • beading cases

  • jewellery thread of all sorts

  • clasps and jewellery making accessories

  • fabric paints and new child sized t-shirts to create a shirt painting project

  • good quality tanned deer hide or moose hide in ready-to-use condition

  • scissors

  • any store bought ready-to-craft kits

  • small loom kits

  • bracelet making kits

  • ribbon

  • feathers

  • pipe cleaners

  • small bells

  • stick-on googly eyes

  • paper airplanes

What we don't take:

  • flammable items

  • liquid paint mediums such as resins and oils, oil based paints

  • books, paper (we have lots)

  • glitter and glitter glue (due to its large negative global impact on our waters)

A special request to art supply donors.... please consider when you donate ...

We get a large amount of art supplies donated on a regular basis and we appreciate every item we receive. The workload to sort and box art supplies is significant; you could really help us out if you consider the following when deciding which items to donate: 

  • Please test the products you are donating. If a bottle of paint has only a few drops left in it, we don't ship it - we work hard to maximize the valuable shipping space in our boxes. Sorting through near empty bottles redirects valuable time and financial resources that can be better utilized.  We accept gently used and clean items that are in good working order. Please remove used pages in sketchbooks and colouring books; if you shake your acrylic paint and nothing moves, it's likely hardened; paint brushes can be soaked in warm soapy water to easily remove paint residue, clean canvases only please.

Monetary Donations - Dear beautiful people...if you tuck a monetary donation between the pages of colouring book or in with the beads, you should know it melts my heart every single time. But with so many supplies being moved around and packed, I may never know who to thank. Please write a note or your name on a paper with it so I can properly thank you for your kindness. For an official tax receipt, monetary donations can be made through I Love First Peoples. Miigwetch, thank you for your kindness. - Colleen

Message to schools: If you are collecting art supplies for us, please reach out to us so we can offer your school a Certificate of Participation.

Monetary donations: Art for Aid is a program of I Love First Peoples, a Canadian registered charity. Please support our work through monetary donations to I Love First Peoples (, and select Art for Aid in the donation menu. Tax receipts are issued each February.

You can also support our work by purchasing Colleen Gray’s beautiful art products through our new Shopify store at

Thank you for your ongoing support for this important work. Art is a powerful medium to bring healing, ignite creativity and give youth a voice. But it all begins with the tools.

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