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The Map to My School

At Art for Aid we believe in the connection to culture through land and language.


Traditional languages are endangered but are becoming revitalized through perseverance and engagement. We hope to do our part in this small way to preserve these vital links between the youth and their language.

Indigenous map canada-3.jpg
Indigenous map Canada.jpg

Download map

You can download this map, in PDF format, from the University of Main's website, by clicking here. For personal and educational use only.


The Map to My School

The Map to My School is a program that sees culturally relevant and professionally produced cartography being purchased by Art for Aid and shipped to remote schools with our art supplies.

The maps are produced by the University of Maine's Canadian/American Centre, and pinpoints the traditional names of locations in Canada. This, coupled with the definition of what those names mean can help young people to connect to their language. Often these places are locations that their relatives and neighbours know by the traditional name. Often these are places their ancestors would have travelled to for hunting, trade, or ceremonies.

We believe every school in Canada should have a map like this in the classroom.

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