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The Sew & Sew Skills Lab is a program of I Love First Peoples and
is supported by Art for Aid through fundraising and the collection of
sewing supplies and shipping coordination. 
This program is growing quickly and we are extending our reach across Canada.

Next drive is in spring of 2023
Sew & Sew Skills Lab Needs List.
  • Basics: Sewing machine needles (80/12) or hand sewing needles, multi-purpose thread, straight pins with glass or plastic heads, measuring tapes, small scissors, thread snips and fabric scissors, seam rippers (small), fabric\ marking chalk, water/air soluble pens and pencils.

  • Fabric: cotton or cotton blends, poly-fill and batting (80/20, 100% cotton)

  • Extras: tracing paper and tracing wheels, rotary cutters, rotary cutting mats and gridded rotary cutting rulers, steam irons, hand embroidery hoops (6" and 10").

  • For more the expensive items we suggest a group purchase.

  • If you feel you have items that are useful for a lab but are not on the list, please include them in your donation.