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Colleen Gray

Eastern Metis Artist
Making A Difference

I recognize the valuable link between a culture, its art and the youth.


The Art For Aid Project is the driving force behind my creative passion. Every day I get to work at making a better world for me, for you and for people I might never meet.

I have always been an artist, even when I was pretending to be something else. I am self-taught and proud of the courage it took finally be brave enough to embrace my passion.

I have been involved in ceremony at varying levels, for over 20 years. Much of this is reflected in my art.

My medium of choice is ground mineral watercolour paint on synthetic paper. It's a fascinating journey into the unpredictable nature of earth and water and every time I create, I'm left breathless by the beauty of the interactions on the paper beneath my brush. 

The fact that I am an Indigenous artist using water and minerals on the surface of an oil based paper is not lost on me. Oil and water never mix...unless you're an artist. The Creator must surely love irony. Each time I paint, I take the time to smudge my tools, asking for guidance.

I am tremendously grateful to be an artist, and proud to have my work benefiting youth in remote Indigenous communities.