Nods, interviews and honourable mentions


Eastern Metis Artist
Making A Difference

Biography and Experience

Nods, interviews and honourable mentions


As an Artist I recognize the valuable link between a culture and its art.


I firmly believe that The Art For Aid Project is capable of helping Indigenous people in remote communities. We do this by ensuring there are art supplies in remote communities and schools.

It is my hope that this project grows and becomes dynamic and fluid in its ability to reach into the smallest and most remote places to the benefit of all.


I would like to see youth given the freedom to express and explore their artistic intelligence. I would like to free teachers from wondering where the art supplies can fit into their budgets.

Many of the children in school today are affected by colonization, and by the echo of the residential school system's affects on their families. Art is a powerful form of expression during isolated and troubling times.


Throughout human history art has been a common thread weaving together imagination and culture to provide a beautiful gift to all the world. This begins and develops with art supplies.

Please support Canada's First Artists.