Colleen Gray

Eastern Metis Artist
Making A Difference

As an Artist I recognize the valuable link between a culture and its art.


The Art For Aid Project is the driving force behind my creative passion. Every day I get to work at making a better world for me, for you and for people I might never meet.

I have always been an artist, even when I was pretending to be something else. I am self-taught and proud of the courage it took to be so.


My medium of choice is ground mineral based watercolour paint on synthetic paper. It's a fascinating journey into the unpredictable nature of earth and water and every time I create, I'm left breathless by the beauty of the interactions on the paper beneath my brush. 

The fact that I am an Indigenous artist using water and minerals on the surface of an oil based paper is not lost on me. The Creator must surely love irony. Each time I paint, I take the time to smudge my tools, asking for guidance.


I am tremendously grateful to be an artist. 

To view the artwork with the stories please visit our e-store. The full portfolio of the work is available for viewing on Instagram @afapcolleen.   (Not all art on Instagram is for sale)