- An overview -

This initiative puts Canadian Indigenous place-name maps into remote community schools. Professional cartography created at the University of Maine utilizes traditional place names in the language of the region. They are an outstanding learning resource that we believe, should be in every school across Canada.

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Our “Earth To Sky” Speaker Series 

Our “Earth To Sky” speaker series uses Artist Colleen Gray's art to bring awareness to local schools about the connective nature of Indigenous art and culture, along with information about some of the challenges and victories around today’s Indigenous youth. Colleen creates a wide open dialogue that is image and knowledge driven. Setting presentation structure aside, Colleen invites students to ask questions at leisure throughout the presentation. The social environment of a student’s world can often influence what they understand about Indigenous people. Our hope is that this speaker series, can inform youth, dispel myths, and answer questions while inviting critical thinking about the issues at hand. Contact Colleen to have her come to your school.


BearheART Contact Cards use art to create bridges of communication between peers.
Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous schools are invited to download and print the template for our contact cards. Students can create a drawing or offer positive words on their cards, and the school then sends them to the Art for Aid office. We will include them in the art supply shipments that go out to the schools throughout the year. 

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These are available as a free download. These posters utilized traditional language to encourage good hygiene through hand washing, and are available in more than 25 Indigenous languages. The posters were created in response to the Covid 19 protocols when it was noticed that very few posters in the traditional languages were available. These are a free downloadable resource. (If your language is not represented in this list, please reach out to us with the correct translation for “wash your hands” and we will create one for your community).

Bilingual Wash your hands.jpg

The Sew & Sew Skills Lab puts Jenome child-friendly sewing machines into remote community schools to help young people develop sewing skills. The labs are fully equipped and widely supported as an ongoing learning lab. Each year we connect with the schools to update their wish list and invite people to help us meet their needs through supply collections and donations.

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* Art supply collection and shipments are ongoing from September to May. Covid 19 has slowed things down considerably. Check the list of requested items.
*When we can return to regularly scheduled collections, we will send out notices on social media and will update our website.


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