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- An overview -

This initiative puts Canadian Indigenous place-name maps into remote community schools. Professional cartography created at the University of Maine utilizes traditional place names in the language of the region. They are an outstanding learning resource that we believe, should be in every school across Canada.

Our “Art for Aid” Speaker Series 

Speaker series: Colleen is available to speak with your students or group about the work Art for Aid does to support quality learning tools in remote communities.

There is no charge for the engagement, done via Zoom. We use a Power Point presentation and invite an open Q&A throughout the dialogue.

Please contact us for more information or to book a 30 minute talk.

 Art supply collection and shipments are ongoing from September to May. Please check the art supply list of requested items in our Wish List section. 

We send out public notices for collections on social media and will update our website to announce these collection dates.

These are available as a free download. These posters utilized traditional language to encourage good hygiene through hand washing, and are available in more than 25 Indigenous languages. The posters were created in response to the Covid 19 protocols when it was noticed that very few posters in the traditional languages were available. These are a free downloadable resource. (If your language is not represented in this list, please reach out to us with the correct translation for “wash your hands” and we will create one for your community).

Art for Aid supports the Sew & Sew Skills Lab that is managed and operated through I Love First Peoples. This remarkable program puts new Jenome sewing machines and program supplies into remote community schools to help young people discover and develop sewing skills. The labs are fully equipped and widely supported as an ongoing learning lab. Each year we connect with the schools to update their wish list.

Art for Aid does not collect sewing supplies for this program. Reach out to I Love First Peoples about donating your sewing supplies.

In 2022 Art for Aid began supporting land based learning programs in remote schools. Art for Aid will serve at least one remote school annually to supply them with their wish-list of items for their existing outdoor land-based learning program. The intention is to help more students connect to their traditional lands and language while being kept warm and safe using quality outdoor winter gear. Program supplies will be shipped and stored in large heavy duty tote bins to keep them well protected and ready to use for a number of years. The bins are dry, sturdy, stackable and easily transported.

Thank you for supporting this important work. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with communities who are in need of art supply support. Please refer them to us if they are in need of art supplies or land based learning support.

Want to make a donation? Monetary donations can be made to Art for Aid through Select Art for Aid in the donation drop down menu. 

Art supplies can be donated at our warehouse in Carleton Place or by mailing them to us.

For over 10 years we have been volunteer drive and fiercely dedicated to supporting access to art tools for Indigenous students in the most remote areas of Canada.


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