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Miskooseepi School, Bloodvein, Manitoba

Miskooseepi School, Bloodvein, Manitoba

On January 4, 2024, 614 lbs of boots, gloves, fleece, winter outdoor gear, pocket fishing rod kits, hand/foot warmers along with boxes of art supplies were picked up by Manitoulin Transport for delivery to Winnipeg. From there it will be picked up for transport to the Miskooseepi School in Bloodvein. This was a significant shipment and we are most grateful to our volunteers and shipping partners for their support in making this large delivery happen.

Miskooseepi School is located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. The community has a vibrant and active outdoor lifestyle and rich cultural heritage that involves engaging the traditional language. The area has an impressive array of cultural heritage sites that are cared for and protected by registration with the government as sacred sites.

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