There are numerous ways you can help...

- buy our Art For Aid Project artwork and art products

- collect new or gently used art supplies for us (see list below)

- sponsor the shipping of a box of supplies for $50.00 which will include your personal note to the students of the school.

- suggest a remote school who could use some support

- involve your classroom, workplace in collecting art supplies to donate

- book our Earth To Sky Program for your school. (see Programs)

- Having a birthday party? Have people donate art supplies in lieu of birthday gifts. 

- Are you an artist? - You can donate a portion of your art sales to support other Indigenous artists in remote community schools.

- Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and share our stories!

Art Credit: Student of Arnaqjuaq School, Hall Beach, Nunavut

Sketch/drawing pads (smaller than 16x20),  Manga markers,  Art (gum) erasers, Acrylic paints, Water colour paint/goache, Water color paper, Watercolour pencils, wrapped canvas (for painting) - - no larger than 16x20, paint brushes, Scissors, Pastels, charcoal pencils, pencil Sharpeners (professional and elementary), quality face painting kits, glue sticks and white carpenters glue, Dream catcher rings - any size, Large pieces of leather, all size beads and beading tools, peripherals, etc., jewellery making items, Markers - fine line, large line, manga markers, washable paint, finger paint, modelling clay (not dried out), paintable face masks, craft items, pipe cleaners, stickers and sticker books, colouring books of animals, Word search magazine books for all ages, cool art stuff that makes kids go “Wow!”
*** anything underlined is something we always need more of ***


What we don't take: flammable items, books, paper (we have lots), glitter glue (due to its large negative global  impact on our waters).

Shipping costs to remote communities are expensive. We primarily use Canada Post, but will take angel offers to drop goods off in remote communities and we can offer to pay the extra baggage costs to fly a box with you to a local school. 

The short answer is everywhere!
Reaching remote communities comes with some challenges.

Most boxes are about 20-30 lbs. You can sponsor a Canada Post shipment for $50.00.