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BearheART Contact Cards



Your students can send a positive message to Indigenous students in remote communities through The Art for Aid Project.

This downloadable template can be printed by you and used to distribute to your students so they can draw a picture or write a positive message to students in remote schools.


The BearheART Contact Cards serve to create a communication bridge between peers from very different communities, but also to let Indigenous students know that people see them, are connecting to them and care about them. A positive bridge between youth is a bridge that can carry the weight of great positive changes in the future. We recommend printing the template onto cover or card stock. Once completed, the cards can be mailed to Art for Aid. The pdf prints two cards front/two cards back, then you cut the page in half for two cards. Contact us for a mailing address when you're ready to send us the cards.

The back of the card is blank for a drawing or a positive written message, or something interesting about the person writing.


Mail to Art for Aid, 1064 Perth Rd, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4S7
Mail to:
Art for Aid 
Attn: Colleen Gray
1064 Perth Rd,
Smiths Falls, ON
K7A 4S7
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