The Kashechewan First Nation (/kəˈʃɛtʃəwən/) is a Cree First Nation band government located near James Bay in Northern Ontario, Canada. The community is located on the northern shore of the Albany River. Kashechewan First Nation is one of two communities that were established from Old Fort Albany (now the Fort Albany 67 Indian Reserve) in the 1950s. The other community is Fort Albany First Nation, which is now located on the southern bank of the Albany River. The community is connected to other towns along the shore of James Bay by the seasonal ice road/winter road, linking it to the towns of Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, and Moosonee.

When the community of Kashechewan came into being, the new residents chose the name "Keeshechewan". (This has the meaning, in Cree, of "where the water flows fast".) However, when the sign for the new post office arrived, it had the misspelling "Kashechewan", and this became the official name of the community. This official name has no real meaning in the Cree language.

During the spring flood, the community is routinely evacuated.

School: St. Andrew's 
Kashewchewan First Nation, Ontario

Kashechewan First Nation is located on the north shore of the Albany River approximately 450 kilometres north of Timmins, near James Bay, Ontario, and has an on-reserve population of approximately 1,500 residents.

Project: Murals for the school.

St. Andrew's has about 305 students. To all of you who helped us reach our goal, you helped to pay for a local artist to work with the students to visually portray their culture and pride through an interpretation of murals. Materials that were p
urchased included paint, brushes and 4x8 plywood. A local artist created the foundation design and supported the students through the process. 

The murals speak proudly of their culture and of the skill and pride of the school. Thank you board, teachers, principal and staff for creating a great learning environment and for inviting The Art For Aid Project into your art class.

We are grateful for the support of Judy Stephen, Principal at St. Andrew's School. She indicated that there were some funding challenges in the last phase of the project; The Art For Aid Project was proud to be a part of this final phase. (As images are made available to us, we'll update this page)


Congratulations to all of you who got behind Kashechewan's students and teachers! Your effort and generosity have brought strength and artistic pride to St. Andrew's School and to artists everywhere. Thank you for supporting Canada's First Artists!

Thank you! 

Colleen Gray
The Art For Aid Project