The Art for Aid Project and I Love First Peoples are fundraising to cover the shipping costs of child-friendly sewing machines donated by our partner, Jenome Canada and by our wonderful public supporters of this program.


The program will benefit students, but these machines will also benefit the community. Machines will be placed in (four) 4 schools in Natuashish, Pond Inlet, in Nain Labrador and Igloolik, with one other community yet to be determined in 2021.


Sewing is fun and offers a creative way for young people to learn a valuable skill. 

Art for Aid, I Love First Peoples and Jenome Canada will supply material and sewing notions, thread, needles, machine oil, cleaning and repair tools - everything that will be needed to run a successful program.

We salute Janome Canada and our generous supporters for their commitment to advancing Reconciliation through dedicated action like the Sew & Sew Skills Lab program!

If you would like to help you can donate to the program through I Love First Peoples and select the Sew & Sew program.