Sandy Lake First Nation

We were contacted by the Ministry of Youth Justice in Sioux Lookout to offer support to Sandy Lake First Nation in April 2018. There are issues of suicide and depression among many of the youth. We are honoured to be able to send them some art supplies and perhaps bring a measure of relief from the challenges they face even if only for a little while.

Sandy Lake First Nation (or Negaw-zaaga'igani Nitam-Anishinaabe, Oji-Cree: ᓀᑲᐤ ᕊᑲᐃᑲᓂᐣ᙮) is an independent Oji-Cree First Nations band government. The First Nations community, in the west part of Northern Ontario, is located in the Kenora District, 227 kilometres (141 mi) northeast of Red LakeOntario. Its registered population in June 2007 was 2,474. As of December 2015 the total registered population reached 3,034.