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Pikwakanagan FN Golden Lake, ON. Cultural Connections.

Launched in March 2023

Pikwakanagan Cultural Connections launched this year in beautiful Golden Lake, Ontario.

Dale Benoit-Zohr connected with us about support for their winter land based learning camp. We were able to provide a variety of gear to support this wonderful youth camp. Through fundraising, we were able to purchase warm winter socks, game hunting bags for wrapping meat while on the land, foot and hand warmers, warm winter gloves, hat/neckwarmers, tarps, ice fishing tents and hand augers.

The icing on the cake came in the form of the amazing boots we were able to provide for the program from an annonymous donor. In total we were able to provide youth and land-based learning Educators with 23 pairs of brand new waterproof, insulated winter boots along with storage bins for the gear. We are very grateful to all who contributed to the great success of this initiative.

Link to media article for culture camp

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