Pikangikum FN is an Ojibwe First Nation located on the 1,808-hectare (4,470-acre) Pikangikum 14 Reserve in Northwestern OntarioCanada. The main centre is the community of Pikangikum, on Pikangikum Lake on the Berens River, part of the Hudson Bay drainage system; it is approximately 100 kilometres (60 mi) north of the town of Red Lake.

The community has a registered population as of September 2011 of 2,443, of whom 2,334 live on the reserve. A 2005 Wawatay Native Communications Society survey found that the residents of Pikangikum have one of the highest rates of original language retention of any First Nation in Northern Ontario.

The community's only school burned down in 2007, with all students learning in portables until the opening of Eenchokay Birchstick School in 2016.

For 20 years, Pikangikum First Nation has experienced extraordinarily high youth suicide rates, usually girls or young women hanging themselves; recent averages for 1992 to 2000 exceed 200 per 100,000, possibly the highest rate of suicide of any community in the world.[9] In 2000, 470 per 100,000 deaths were attributed to suicide.
As of 2011 the situation hasn't changed. In the summer of 2008, eight people between the ages of 8 and 18 died by suicide. Six months into 2011, five people between the ages of 16 and 26 had already taken their lives. The former chief of the community to issued a cry for help. 


In total, there have been 74 documented cases of suicide from 1990 to 2007, many of whom were women and girls who habitually huff gasoline.The perpetual cycle of grief in Pikangikum makes this situation unique.

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