Pikangikum First Nations 

A 2005 Wawatay Native Communications Society survey found that the residents of Pikangikum have one of the highest rates of original language retention of any First Nation in Northern Ontario. The language is Ojibwemowin, the major dialect of Anishinaabe peoples (see Berens River Ojibwe language). In 2000, the First Nation was reported to have the highest suicide rate in the world.[8] A report by the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario released June 1, 2011 regarding 16 deaths by suicide between 2006 and 2008 on the reserve.

The community's only school burned down in 2007, with all students learning in portables until the opening of Eenchokay Birchstick School in 2016.

Pikangikum is under boil-water advisory for more than 10 years.[22] The supply of clean running water is negatively affected by inadequate power supply by the community's diesel power generator.

** December 2018: a box of art supplies and 300 Mylar emergency blankets were shipped to Pik to help with the winter cold and isolation.

2019 shipment

2020 shipment

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