Jericho attends the Ma-Tah-Ha-Mao School in Peawanuck, Ontario, a remote community on the northern tip of Ontario along the western James Bay shore. Jericho is in Grade 7 and is 12 years old. He's a wonderful boy with a sense of humour, a quiet maturity and a love of reading and drawing.

The Art For Aid Project is working to support Jericho and his family's efforts to help him learn more about his craft. We are grateful to Jericho, the Mack family and the Ma-Tah-Ha-Mao School for the opportunity to showcase Jericho's remarkable skill. We are proud to support one of Canada's First Artists.

December 6, 2017

Wow, this is really great work! The proportions are excellent, and I love how you added shading. You've definitely got talent. I hope you'll keep practicing as often as you can; over time, you're going to just get better and better.

I'm delighted to hear you've enjoyed what I do. I feel lucky to be able to have my work seen by young people like you, and to have it serve as inspiration. Keep up the great drawing, Jericho!

All my best,

Mark Crilley