Peawanuck First Nations, Ontario
Peawanuck First Nations, Ontario

Peawanuck has a population of 237 people. It is not accessible by year-round road but has an airfield (Peawanuck Airport). Marked roads exists for travel within Peawanuck.


While the roads have no names, the main road in town is referred to as Main Street and the one along the river as Riverside.

There are private cars or light trucks in town, but other modes of travel include snowmobiles and canoe.

The town is however, linked by winter/ice roads in the winter towards Fort Severn, Ontario, and ultimately, Shamattawa, Manitoba and Gillam, Manitoba.


Ma-Tah-Ha-Mao School opened in 1995 by Weenuck Education Services is the only school in the community and offers classes up to Grade 10.[6]


Students moving on to Grades 11 to 12 and beyond must travel to large communities like Timmins and Moosonee.

January 17 2018

...from the Principal of the Ma-Tah-Ha-Mao School in Peawanuck, Ontario.

Hello  Colleen..  


We have received the  4 boxes.  Jericho's birthday was on the timing was perfect.  He loves the art supply box and  he opened the portable table  in front of his Mom and Dad, with  me there. He is happy...   he keeps saying  .. okay Miss Judy.   (ha ha).


The students loved the sketch pad books, the  wooden  Russian Nesting Dolls (matryoshka doll) and  the  sketch pad books. The students love art, and you are promoting their use of different materials.  


Last week we used water colour paint.. to create  swirling wind mixed media  pieces..using  crayon and construction paper also.    


This month we are studying  the Inuit and I am hoping the students get to do some soap carving.  


Having the students express themselves and create is such a positive time in the class. We all enjoy it.  


Thank you.  

Judy Stephen,  OCT, BA.

September 2018 - a 23 lb box of art supplies were sent to the school.