Nibinamik FN, Ontario

July 12, 2018

We were fortunate enough to connect with a pilot who frequently flies into remote communities. He has offered to take boxes into several of them for us. We're so excited! So today we are putting the boxes on a bus bound for Thunder Bay where they will be picked up and flown into Nibinamik FN, a traditional Ojibway community with limited access.

Nibinamik FN

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August 31 2018 - we were able to send another box of art supplies to the school in Nibinamik and have them flown in.


  • Official tax receipts for monetary donations of $20.00 or more can be made to The Art for Aid Project through I Love First Peoples. Please indicate that you wish your donation to be used for Art for Aid in your correspondence.

  • How to donate new or gently used art supplies: please refer to the Helping section. 

  • Miigwetch. Thank you for your support.