Kasabonika FN, Ontario

Kasabonika Lake First Nation is located 448 kilometres northeast of Sioux Lookout, Ontario and along the Asheweig River. They are a remote First Nation, accessible only by air and by winter road.

The Band membership of Kasabonika Lake is approximately 914 people in total, of which the on-reserve population is 866.

  • Language - The traditional language of Oji-Cree is used by many of the elders living in Kasabonika Lake First Nation. Anishininimowin or Oji-Cree (sometimes called Severn Ojibway) is closely related to the Ojibway language, but has a different literary tradition based in Cree. The English language, both spoken and written, is the working language for most of our younger community members.

  • Culture - The Kasabonika culture is a mix of modern day festivities and traditional ceremonies and rituals. Members spend their free time enjoying time-honoured bead working and feasts, as well as joining other community members at the recreational centre for hockey, skating, bingo and dances.



In November 2018 we sent a large box of art supplies and a Wii gaming system to the Education centre along with their Mylar blanket shipment. We were very fortunate to have received an offer of free shipping to get these items to the community. Thank you STANTEC!

Kasabonika FN_wik.jpg

Some of the beautiful student art was sent to us by the teachers in Kasabonika. Click to enlarge - this is a very talented group of young people!