How Does It Work? How Do We Raise Money To Do What We Do?

We offer beautiful products using our artwork to benefit your organization, event or gift-giving. Proceeds from these sales help with the operating and impressive shipping costs we incur in the work we do for remote communities. Please consider supporting this valuable work when you're shopping for the perfect gift.

Indigenously Decorated
Note Card Packages

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Archival Quality Prints

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Art Cards

Gift Certificates

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Birth Totem Cards

If you want to do a fundraiser in your organization or school to raise art supplies and shipping funds for a remote school, or to support our work in some other way, we'd love to hear from you! 

If you wish to sponsor a box for $50.00

Your donation can ship a box of art supplies with your personal note. Write a note, snap a picture and email it to us. We'll include it in the your box.

If you are a teacher looking to expand Indigenous art knowledge in the classroom, we offer a wonderful Indigenous art teaching experience to students of all ages. Contact Colleen about The Earth To Sky Program. (program is only run for a short time each year in the fall)

If you are a store or gallery owner  interested in helping us please contact us..