Charles Yohin School, Nahanni Butte, NWT


Enrolment: 22     Grade Levels: K –10

Nahanni Butte’s first school was a canvas tent in 1957. The first log school was built in  1960 for students in Kindergarten to Grade 6. A new one room log school was opened in 1979 which was renamed in 1984 after Charles Yohin. He was a respected elder and a strong supporter of education for young Dene. The original school was used as a community hall. A third school was built in 1986. It was considered the most impressive school building in the region! There were two classrooms and a loft which functioned as an office. An old fire hall a shop for the school. An extension of programs to Grade Ten enabled young people stay in the community before moving on to Fort Simpson to complete high school. Until the new community gym was built all physical education was outdoors.

Dene culture and language are an important part of the school program supported by the community. The relationship to the land is emphasized in many aspects of the school program. Programs for students are organized around key experiences outdoors which include hunting, trapping and fishing as well as sports such as cross country skiing and skating.

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