Art Supplies in Trout Lake's Charles Tetcho School, NWT

We are very grateful to the Department of Education, Culture and Employment of the Government of the Northwest Territories for helping us to get art supplies into this remote school. 

Art is a wonderful form of expression available to all who choose to dip a brush, pick up a pencil, pick up a carving implement, or open a sketchbook.

Here are several students with fellow artist Denelee Ekenale.

Trout Lake, Northwest Territories

Sambaa K'e[6] (Slavey language: "place of trout"[pronunciation?]; formerly Trout Lake) is a "Designated Authority"[7] in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest TerritoriesCanada. The community is located near the Alberta border, east of Fort Liard, in the southern NWT.


It has no all-weather road, but can be reached by winter road early in the year or by air (Trout Lake Airport) year-round. Popluation 92 (2011)

On June 21, 2016, the settlement officially changed its name from "Trout Lake" to "Sambaa K'e", its name in the Slavey language, meaning "place of trout".

Reserch Credit: Wikipedia