St. Anne Elementary School and The Art For Aid Project Helping Art In Remote Communities

Colleen Gray and a few of the staff from St. Anne's who are involved in shipping useful items to Pang.

May 2017

St. Anne's Catholic School in Ottawa generously offered us some space in their wonderful shipment going to Alookie School in Pangnirtung Nunavut in support of their community.
The Grade 2 teachers involved in this project are Catherine Latour, Lisa Chow, Michelle Walker, Ben Spindler, and Carolyn St. Louis.

The book, My Community was created by the school and used as a fundraiser to support the costs of this project.

Thank you Carolyn for this gift!

Pangnirtung (or Pang, also Pangniqtuuq, in syllabics: ᐸᖕᓂᖅᑑᖅ IPA: [paŋniqtuːq]) is an Inuit hamletQikiqtaaluk Region, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut, located on Baffin Island. As of the 2016 census the population was 1,481, an increase of 3.9% from the 2011 census.[3] The area of the town is 7.77 km2(3.00 sq mi). Pangnirtung is situated on a coastal plain at the coast of Pangnirtung Fjord, a fjord which eventually merges with Cumberland Sound.
Allokie School is a kindergarten to grade five school.

Pangnirtung has more than 1,400 residents and our school has about 220 students and 24 staff.